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Backbone enterprises strengthen their muscles and strengthen their bones and cultivate new momentum for development

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Development zone: backbone enterprises to strengthen the bones & nbsp; cultivate new development momentum

This year, the development zone will concentrate its efforts to support the development of key enterprises, increase support for cultivating key enterprises, and actively cultivate "industry giants" to help enterprises strengthen their bones and achieve synergy between total expansion and improvement of quality and efficiency. The "Six-A-Year Observation" column is published today-Development Zone: The backbone enterprises are strong and strong, and cultivate new development momentum.

On August 3, at Derun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., the spunlace machine, carding machine, winder and other equipment in the workshop were operating at high speed. In addition to several employees operating the equipment, seven employees were mainly engaged in the cutting and packaging process.
The spunlace nonwoven production line imported from Germany has a high degree of automation, which can produce 16 tons of products per day, with a very high output. At the same time, it guarantees the softness of the hand feel in terms of quality stability.
The spunlace non-woven fabric produced by the company is mainly used in wet wipes, facial masks and other products. The excellent product quality has kept the company's orders continuously, and it has been scheduled to September. The company's foreign trade exports have also been booming. Products quickly opened up markets in South Korea, Malaysia and other markets. In the first half of the year, exports reached nearly 4 million U.S. dollars. With the implementation of the country’s comprehensive “two-child policy”, companies are seizing development opportunities and launching new hot-air non-woven fabric production projects to supply maternity and infant hygiene products. At present, the main building of the workshop has been completed. The interior decoration is expected to be put into production in October.
The company adapts to the opportunities brought by the policy and increases the production line of hot-air non-woven fabrics. The annual output is expected to reach 6,000 tons of hot-air non-woven fabrics, and sales can increase by more than one billion.
The continuous development of Derun New Materials Enterprise is a footnote to the development of projects, increase in assets, and scale. Since the beginning of this year, the development zone has focused on its main business, taking the development of key enterprises as a booster for economic development, and actively guiding entrepreneurs to continuously improve themselves, dare to become bigger and stronger, and cultivate a global vision, proficient in modern management, A team of entrepreneurs who have the courage to pioneer and innovate, and operate with integrity and abiding by the law, strengthen their strategic vision, establish an open concept, actively promote the integration of industry, talents, and capital, and strategic cooperation, and make every effort to promote the expansion and development of enterprises. In accordance with the determined city’s “Three 100s” and the development zone “223” project enterprise personalized cultivation plan, the backbone enterprises are encouraged to realize cooperative development with central enterprises and strong enterprises. Juli Welding Materials Co., Ltd., Jinguang Group, Yichang Lighting and other enterprises are active Seek external cooperation to achieve double excellence in quality and efficiency and then climb again.
At the same time, the development zone intensified its technological transformation. Zhongda Bei Laite Group invested 20 million yuan to renovate and expand the inspection room and fill in the technological depression; Shandong Jingfeng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Dehongli Company strengthened research and development cooperation to break through daily use Technical barriers in the glass industry; Asia Pacific Group invested more than 6 million yuan to upgrade and transform workshop equipment to improve production efficiency. Driven by a series of policies, many "big guys" have become industry giants. Up to now, there are 196 industrial enterprises above designated size in the development zone, the ratio of the three industries has been adjusted to 2:61:37, and the number of enterprises with an annual tax of more than 10 million yuan has grown to 23.
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