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Corporate culture

corporate vision
Society: Because of our existence, we must give our corporate honor to this society. As a member of society, we have the responsibility and obligation to make our due contribution to the society.

Customers: Because of our existence, we must make our company and customers know each other and work side by side. Customer needs are our requirements, customer satisfaction is our perfect score, and customer success is our wish.

Employees: Because of our existence, we must say to ourselves: "The enterprise is my home, and I am a member of the enterprise. I want to make my home happier because of my existence."
Our Mission
Because of our existence, we must build our company into a team that can contribute to mankind and society by nature.
core value
In the pursuit of spiritual civilization: reflect our life value and realize our life ideals.

In the pursuit of material civilization: truth-seeking, pragmatic, hard work, practical creation, and actual performance.

2013 Awards Competition
New office building opened in May 2014
Grand opening on February 25, 2015
Warm up with basketball before tug-of-war
Beijing Hengjikang came to our company for free consultation for employees
Tug of war on New Year's Day 2015
The company produced the first volume of spunlace nonwovens
Collective snow sweeping
House cleaning
Corporate Life Meeting
Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Wu Cuiyun visited our company
Representatives of teachers and students from Shandong University came to our company for exchange and study
Exchange meeting of Professor Jin, Director Gao of the Government, Dean Ma of Texas College
City May 1st Labor Medal
Carry out fire safety knowledge training
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