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The promotion of key achievements of "Light of Textile" industrial textiles was held in Xiqiao

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June22< /span>On the day, the promotion event for the key achievements of "Textile Light" industrial textiles co-sponsored by the Textile Light Science and Technology Education Foundation, China Textile Industry Federation Science and Technology Development Department, and China Industrial Textile Industry Association was held in Xiqiao.

Gao Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Li Lingshen, Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council and President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Yu Jianyong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ye Zhimin, executive vice chairman of the Textile Technology Education Foundation, Peng Yanli, director of the Science and Technology Development Department of China Textile Industry Federation, Li Guimei and Zheng Junlin, vice presidents of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Lv Honggang, Vice President of China Textile Machinery Association, Liang Pengcheng, Vice President of Textile Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Xie Bing, Deputy Secretary General , Chen Ji, Secretary-General of China Sewing Machinery Association, Zhang Fangjun, Director of Science and Technology Development Department of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Chen Qianwei, Vice President of Guangdong Textile Association and other experts, leaders and entrepreneursabout 200 people to attend the meeting.


Industrial textiles are an important part of the textile industry, It is different from general clothing and home textiles, but refers to specially designed textiles with engineering structural characteristics, which have the characteristics of high technical content, high product added value, high labor productivity, and wide industrial penetration. Currently, technical textilesincludes medical and sanitary textiles, textiles for filtration and separation, and geotechnical Textiles, architectural textiles, transportation textiles, safety and protective textiles, etc.16large areas.


Ye Zhimin, Executive Vice Chairman of Textile Light Technology Education Foundation introduced the operation of Textile Light Technology Education Foundation condition. He said that the rapid development of the foundation is inseparable from the support and donations of companies with a high sense of responsibility in the industry, and many charity activities can be carried out. It is hoped that the Textile Light Technology Education Foundation can continue to provide strong support for the development of industry technology and education. Over the past few years, more than 30 scientific and technological promotion activities have been held, and more than 130 scientific and technological achievements have been promoted, which has played a significant role in promoting the development of scientific and technological achievements in the industry. This promotion can also provide professional knowledge power for the development of the industrial textile industry.

At the meeting, Ye Zhimin issued a donation certificate to Zeng Shijun, chairman of Dalian Huayang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Li Lingshen, vice president of China National Textile and Apparel Council and president of China Industrial Textile Industry Association said at the meeting that at present, my country’s textile industry is developing steadily and making progress, and it has always been an important force in my country’s economy. The position in the global market has also been continuously improved. In 2017, my country's total textile fiber processing reached 54.3 million tons, accounting for more than 53% of the global share; textile and apparel exports reached 266.95 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for more than 38% of global textile and apparel exports. Specifically, my country's textile fiber new material technology has achieved major breakthroughs, textile processing technology has been improved, printing and dyeing energy saving, emission reduction and resource utilization have achieved new results, the rapid development of industrial textiles has expanded the extension of textiles, and the level of textile equipment technology and manufacturing has been greatly improved. The integration of textile and industrialization has become a new bright spot in the industry, great progress has been made in the construction of technological innovation capabilities, and the textile standard system has been further improved.

For the industrial textile industry, which plays an important part in the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry and leads the global textile industry upgrade, Li Lingshen said that industrial textiles have become an important part of the country’s strategic emerging industries, transcending traditional textiles, Diversified high-tech industries in many fields. The industrial textile industry has a strong driving force and has the distinctive feature of comprehensively driving many industries: On the one hand, textiles are closely integrated with high-performance materials, electronic technology, etc., forming a brand-new textile carrier, which becomes the three natural energy, information and materials. Meta junction; on the other hand, it is closely related to downstream industries, and is widely used in defense and military industry, aerospace, medical and health, transportation, energy, agriculture and other fields, forming a new industrial chain that promotes each other and jointly promotes the decisive force.

Li Lingshen said that in the next stage of development, my country’s textile industry’s scientific and technological development will focus on the following five areas: First, develop new fiber materials, realize the development and quality improvement of functional fiber materials, and optimize products for the high-performance fiber industry. Serialization and industrialization of bio-based chemical fibers; the second is to promote high-tech textiles, focusing on the promotion of industrial textiles serving various fields of the national economy and civilian textiles that meet the needs of residents; the third is to develop high-end equipment and strengthen the design of new textile equipment The development of weaving process and technology, breakthrough the key technologies of intelligent manufacturing, and improve the quality and efficiency of textile equipment; fourth is to realize intelligent manufacturing, comprehensively improve the integration level of the textile industry, vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing, and promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing standards; fifth is Realize smart manufacturing, including the promotion and application of energy-saving and emission-reduction printing and dyeing technologies, recycling of waste textile resources, development of eco-environmental textile chemicals, and new technologies that reduce the generation of pollutants from the source.


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