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Sun Huaibin: "One Belt One Road" construction brings new opportunities to the domestic textile industry

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my country's textile industry has a long history with the "Belt and Road", and the construction of the "Belt and Road" has also brought new opportunities to the domestic textile industry in the new era. On September 7, Sun Huaibin, Vice President of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, gave a speech on the theme of "The Belt and Road Initiative and the Development of my country's Textile Industry" at the 2017 Second China (Zhengzhou) International Futures Forum Warm-up Forum , To discuss the harvest and future direction of my country's textile industry under the background of "One Belt One Road".


   Sun Huaibin said that my country’s current positioning of the textile industry is still a traditional pillar industry, and the textile industry’s position in the national economy is still irreplaceable. On this basis, the textile industry’s positioning as an important civilian production industry is indispensable. More importantly, my country's textile industry is working towards creating new competitive industries for international development, leveraging the "Belt and Road" initiative, relying on the advantages of the industrial chain, and pursuing gains in the value chain. In addition, my country's textile industry has two new distinctive features, that is, the integration of technology and fashion, and the simultaneous development of daily use and industrial use.


  "Since 2000, my country's textile industry has ushered in a golden period of development. On the one hand, the textile industry has benefited the most after joining the WTO; on the other hand, the rapid development of the domestic economy has doubled the economic indicators of the textile industry. Growth." Sun Huaibin said, but after 2011, the domestic textile industry and the national economy have entered the new normal of "shifting and slowing down".


  However, after experiencing the difficulties of the first two years, the domestic textile industry has begun to pick up to a certain extent this year, and various economic indicators have rebounded. "We should see that my country is the world's largest exporter of textiles and has the world's top manufacturing capacity. We need to find new development opportunities to release production capacity and create more wealth for the country. Therefore, the construction of the'Belt and Road' must arouse great attention. "Sun Huaibin said.


   It is worth noting that, with the help of the "One Belt One Road" construction, the development of the domestic textile industry has achieved initial results. In terms of trade, according to Sun Huaibin, from the perspective of exports, the export scale of my country's textile industry in the first half of this year was US$124 billion, of which US$42.9 billion was exported to countries along the “Belt and Road”. Vietnam, Russia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and other countries are the most important exporters of Chinese textiles. "my country and the countries along the'Belt and Road' have already had very good cooperation in the smooth flow of trade. As the'Belt and Road' continues to advance, the textile trade performance will be even better."


   In terms of investment, he said that from the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, the scale of global investment in my country’s textile industry last year was US$2.66 billion, of which US$640 million was invested in countries along the “Belt and Road”. Neighboring countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt and Myanmar are the main ones. In addition to neighboring countries, there is also a trend of investment extending to African countries.


   From a global perspective, Sun Huaibin believes that the domestic textile industry with strong international competitiveness and large production capacity should seize the opportunity in the next step to open up a broader space. There are several points to note in this process. First, we must put international capacity cooperation first, such as the cotton spinning industry, chemical fiber industry, clothing and home textile industries. In addition, there are opportunities for industrial textiles in the process of the "Belt and Road" facility linkage. Secondly, the development of Xinjiang's textile industry must open the channel for exports to the West. Only by expanding abroad can Xinjiang's textile industry achieve sustainable development. Finally, the "Belt and Road" can be used to spread silk culture and promote the recovery and development of the silk industry.


  He finally stated that he expected that under the background of the “Belt and Road” initiative, my country’s textile industry would have new development opportunities and become a driving force for my country’s transformation from a big country to a powerful country.

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