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Derun New Material: Prioritize orders for disinfection wipes and mask companies

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In the past few days, Shandong Derun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has received more than a dozen inquiries about orders every day, asking whether it can produce mask materials. Derun New Material's products cover civilian cleaning, medical and health and other fields. The non-woven materials produced can be used in the inner layer of masks. In this special period, the company is fully engaged in production. Although the company has already filled up production orders for the year after the Spring Festival, Derun New Materials has decided to give priority to providing products for disinfection wipes and mask companies, and take practical actions to contribute to the prevention of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection.

In the early morning of February 1, the reporter came to Shandong Derun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., the company's five production lines have been opened, can produce 70 or 80 tons of non-woven materials per day. When entering the company and workshop, it needs to be disinfected at various levels to ensure the health and safety of employees while ensuring the cleanliness of the workshop.

In the production workshop of the company, the machine roars, and non-woven materials are constantly being produced. The employees pay close attention to the operation table to ensure that the parameters are accurate and the machine is running normally. The degree of automation of the production line of the enterprise is very high, and only about 10 people are required for a production line. In the current shortage of non-woven fabrics, employees have readjusted production parameters to increase production capacity.

"On February 2, we needed to provide 40 tons of materials to a company that produces disinfection products. We learned that the products produced by this company will be used to support Hubei, so we advanced the company's order. In fact, we have already Two months ago, we have received orders for production many years later, but considering this special period now, all orders related to disinfection wipes and mask companies are given priority to produce, so as to ensure that they have sufficient materials. We also need to prevent the epidemic. One effort." said Liu Zhitao, general manager of Shandong Derun New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

While stepping up production, companies are also actively contacting raw material suppliers. At present, the fiber and other raw materials required by Derun New Materials have encountered some difficulties in logistics and transportation, and there will be situations such as extension of logistics time. The company also adjusted the logistics arrival cycle time according to the actual situation to ensure the normal development of production.

In response to the current shortage of masks, Derun New Materials will actively promote a brand-new mask production line. Currently, various examination and approval work is underway. The company's decision has been supported by relevant provincial and municipal departments, and it is ready to help the company to approve it as soon as possible through the green channel.

On January 31, Derun New Materials donated disinfection wipes worth 200,000 yuan to the Management Committee of the Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company hopes that these disinfection products can help those fighting the epidemic on the front line. Liu Zhitao said that while increasing production capacity, companies will strictly control product quality and will never have problems with product quality.

All media reporter Zhang Mingkai, Texas Evening News

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